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My name is Emilia Cotrina. I'am a fashion designer and creative born in Latin-america, Lima Peru.  As a teenager I spend time with my family in Los Angeles, California and traveling between America and Europe discovering new cultures, which is part of my inspiration.

Currently I'm based in Paris, France following a new adventure in the fashion industry, loving to share my fashion point of view thanks to my experiences as an stylist and fashion consulting.

Also I love creating visuals through photography and crafting.


My passions ? 

Doing mindfulness, workout and go on roadtrips with my beloveds.


Favorites designers? 


Jacquemus, Saint Laurent and Vivien Westwood (I love the punk look). 



It's depend on my mood! 


Independent Rock, rap, electronic and why not latin music?

I love to dance! 




Let's keep in touch!
New things are coming

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