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I will be brief, I am a designer and creative. I born in Lima Peru, as a teenager I was living between Los Angeles, Paris and Spain with my family which influenced my creativity. I have a nomad spirit.


 I have always been surrounded by design and visual arts. Since I was a child I dedicated myself to dance and performing.  Then I decided to study fashion design, where I've been Major in design of my graduated class​, which led me to the fashion industry as a creative and digital graphic designer where I like to express my ideas to create aesthetic things. On the other hand, I created a fashion blog to communicate with people and inspire them according to my vision of art and trends.

 Through my studies and professional experiences as working in the fashion industry, I got an expertise in marketing, and design helping brands to create beautiful products and image to their target, also I designed web, layouts and Branding for emerging brands.

Currently I'm based in Paris, France following a MBA in Fashion Industry and Arts and working as a designer at CAROLL, before I was at MORGAN (GROUPE BEAUMANOIR), GUESS and ANA G. I really enjoy working on team and still meeting people with the same passions.


My passions ? 

Doing mindfulness, workout and go on roadtrips with my beloveds.


Favorites designers? 


Jacquemus, Saint Laurent and Vivien Westwood (I love the punk look). 


What about photography ? 

I like the work of Mario Testino and Peter Lindbergh.


It's depend on my mood! 


Independent Rock, rap, electronic and why not latin music? 

I love to dance! 


Brands who trusted in Emilia


Let's keep in touch
New things are coming

Let's get in touch so we can start doing together creative projects. 

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Thanks you!
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